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Snow Day in Trenton.

This has been a very mild winter so far, in the Quinte area we haven't had very much snow or terribly cold weather at all. While I haven't enjoyed the winter, I must say I have disliked it much less than other winters. I have only had to shovel the driveway twice so far.

snow in quinte


It was actually pretty nice to wake up this morning and see some fresh snow blanketing the landscape.

It was very pretty.

The schoolkids might be a little sad, if this had been a weekday, it probably would have been a snowday and the school bus would have been cancelled.

It seems that the busses are cancelled for the flimsiest of reasons these days.




snow in quinte

This is the perfect kind of snow to make snowballs with. It's big, fluffy, and slightly wet. I believe the kids call this type of snow "packing snow" because its easily packed together.


It's also good snow to make a snowman with, but it's harder to hurl a snowman at people, so therefore its not as much fun making snowmen.


My kids are home for the long weekend (Family Day in Ontario). Guess who is going to experience a snowball ambush this afternoon when I get home? I live for that kind of stuff.


snow in quinte

It's pretty warm outside, so a jacket isn't really needed. It's probably only a degree or two below zero. Just right so the snow doesn't melt away quickly.


There seems to be a watery sun above the cloudline, just enough so that the sky isn't a sea of dark grey bleakness. It's a sea of light grey bleakness instead. Much better.


Really, winters aren't so bad, and in this particular case, we are more than half way done. Soon it will be March, and I always think of March as the beginning of the end of winter.


snow in quinte


Not that much longer to go.


Soon the flowers will be sprouting from the ground and the trees will have little buds on them. Trentonians will be emerging from their caves as the hibernating season comes to an end.


I must say, this winter has not been such an unpleasant experience at all, it was surprisingly hassle-free. I only had one auto incident all winter. I got off very lightly this year.



Malcolm falls for the first time.


Goddammit, who put that ice under the fresh snow?

Aargh, now I'm wet.

Good Lord, I didn't realize it was so windy outside. It's getting colder and now a snotsicle is forming under my nose. Eeeewwwww.

I'd better get inside, this isn't much fun any more. I think my ankle is twisted now.



Malcolm falls for the second time.


Oh for the love of Pete. Not again.

My camera!! There's snow on my camera now. Great. My ankle hurts and my camera is wet. Absolutely brilliant. who in their right mind goes traipsing through a park in the middle of winter looking to snap some artsy-fartsy snowscapes? Me. That's who.

It's looking more and more like an xbox evening than a snowball fighting evening. I live for that kind of thing.

This winter can't end fast enough. Come on spring, hurry up.

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Snow Day in Trenton.
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