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Give $10, pass it on World Vision Urges

From the Toronto Star

Half a dozen Canadian aid workers from Mississauga-based World Vision Canada are on the ground in Haiti and more are on the way, the charity organization said Thursday.

They're the vanguard who'll help more than 800 other World Vision workers based in the Caribbean nation organize relief efforts to thousands of people left homeless by this week's earthquake.

The Canadian arm has already raised $1 million and hopes to raise another $4 million within a week. "Canadians always respond very quickly," said Dirk Booy, World Vision Canada vice-president. "The most important thing for us right now is to get cash donations. We have lots of people who want to donate goods, but obviously cash helps us to respond much faster."

He said the federal government was sending a transport plane full of relief supplies to Haiti Thursday and would give some to World Vision staff to distribute. The charity is also renting a C-130 Hercules plane to ship supplies from its base in Denver.

Booy said World Vision was pleased by a federal government plan to match donations from Canadians, to a maximum of $50 million. "That doubles the impact on the ground and it allows more Canadians to be involved," he said.

Booy said money donated will help buy first aid supplies, plastic bags they'll use to transport potable water they'll filter in Haiti, cooking equipment and dehydrated food.

Caroline Riseboro of World Vision Canada is encouraging people to use social networking sites to challenge others to donate in a campaign called $10 And Pass It On.

"We're really encouraging Canadians to give $10 and pass it on to your friends, to your followers on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter," she said.

"It's not just good enough to focus on spreading the word. You have to actually take some kind of action.

"So what we're saying is, give $10 to World Vision, pass it on, challenge your friends and followers to do the same thing. Because at the end of the day every $10 can make a huge impact in helping WV really help children and families that are suffering tremendously in Haiti right now."

Riseboro said Canadian staff in Haiti are reporting "really, really terrible stories."

"Their hotel has been destroyed. It's now basically a makeshift morgue. They're sleeping out in the middle of the streets and can't get access to food and water."

For more information, go to worldvision.ca

My American friends, please help

My Canadian friends, please help

Thank you in advance for your compassion.

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Give $10, pass it on World Vision Urges
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