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Things To Do, See, and Sample in Campbellford Ontario

One of the best things about Campbellford is the number of things to do here throughout the year. As with most communities in this area, the summer season is much busier in terms of festivals and activities, but there are always many things to do and places to visit even in the winter. Of course, hockey takes up a lot of time in the winter, and the Campbellford Rebels are a very well supported team in the Ontario hockey Association. They have been Ontario's "Junior C" champions in 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2012, so you know there's a very solid hockey program in this town. It's not easy to have a championship team in this province with almost every town having an entry into the various leagues.

This entire area has very strong ties to the military, many people who have spent time posted to C.F.B. Trenton will decide to retire here, so the Royal Canadian Legion has some very active branches around here. Branch 103 in Campbellford is no exception. t's a great place for some of the ex-service men and women to get together, socialize and keep abreast of issues that are pertinent to them.

Some of the local companies also do a great job of making their outlets destinations for visitors as well as providing us with some pretty fine products.

empire cheeseThe Empire Cheese and Butter Co-op is one of the last cheddar producing factories in Ontario. To call it a factory might conjure the wrong image, as it is fully owned by local farmers and still produces cheese the old fashioned way without any additives, added flavours or preservatives. They have the most delicious products (I'm not kidding) and their gift baskets are amazing and very reasonably priced. You can actually go in and see how the cheese is made. They have been around since 1876, so they know what they are doing.

Believe it or not, the World's Finest Chocolate Company is located right here in Campbellford. If you live anywhere in Canada, I would almost guarantee that you are familiar with some of their products. You know those chocolate covered almonds that are sold to raise funds for products? This is where they come from. They also have a vast array of other chocolate products, and you can go right to their outlet and buy some. A visit here makes the drive to Campbellford very worthwhile.

The Church Key Brewing Company is one of those fantastic micro-breweries that seems to be gaining a real foothold in their battle against the big breweries. Their product is sold in all the local beerstores as well as a plethora of local pubs, and is a favourite with many locals. If you have ever sampled their wares you will know why they are becoming so popular. They serve a consistent product (a difficult feat for many micro breweries) in a number of different flavours. They are located in a renovated building that used to be a Methodist church, hence their name.

The aforementioned three companies are just a small example of some of the local businesses that make this community such a vibrant place to live and work. A little out of the ordinary perhaps, but the quality of these products are very hard to beat.

Next time you happen to be out this way, make sure you bring a couple of bucks with you, I would challenge you to leave Campbellford without spending any money on some of the local fare.


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Things To Do, See, and Sample in Campbellford Ontario
One of the best things about Campbellford is the number of things to do here throughout the year. As with most communities in this area, the summer season is much busier in terms of festivals and activities, but there are always many things to do… more
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