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The TSC Store in Belleville

I like to go shopping once in a while, especially hardware shopping. Even if I don't really need anything, I'll quite often stop at the TSC store in Belleville if I happen to be passing by. The TSC Stores are a chain, and they bill themselves as The incredible Country Hardware Store, and they are that indeed.

If you live in a larger urban centre, chances are you wouldn't come across a TSC store, the closest one to Toronto is in Uxbridge. They specialize in products for farmers, hunters and country people.

The TSC store in Belleville is the only place that I have seen this brand of shampoo called Mane 'n Tail, a shampoo that can be used on both horses and humans. Apparently it's the only cross over shampoo that can be used by both species. It must work quite well on humans, because it's the shampoo of choice in Ellen DeGeneres' green room. Who woulda thunk that? The horsey crowd must be on to something.

This is also the only local store where I have seen the product Acorn Rage Juiced, a liquid that you pour onto a rotten tree stump that will attract deer like crazy. Apparently once the aroma has worked its way into the wood, the deer find it irresistible, and I guess deer hunters and naturalist photographers alike would find this product very handy.

This is the type of store where the staff actually know their products, and unhandy folks like me can actually expect to get a bit of assistance. The prices are excellent too.

The TSC store in Belleville has a huge selection of products, ranging from every day items to very specialized products, but there's something for everybody here, whether it be sensible warm clothing, farm tools and equipment, mailboxes, and even novelty items that appeal to people who make a living off the land.

Next time you're in Belleville and need some chicken wire to repair that fence so that the coyotes can't get at your guinea fowls any more, stop at the TSC Store on Dundas Street East, they will have what you need and will answer any questions that you may have.

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