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Google-bots Do Not Speak Real Estate

Here's some great information for anyone who uses the internet for marketing their products. These tips are not strictly for real estate, but I do see a lot of agents making the mistakes that Joshua points out in this very helpful, well written, and easily understood post.  These tips go a long way to help us market our listings properly and get maximum exposure for them.

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Google bots don't speak Real Estate

Google-bots do not speak Real Estate, and they can’t read the words on Images. This is especially important to remember as you are creating information for your Real Estate Blog.  I’ve recently seen many agents who were in such a rush to just “put something out there” that they were publishing pages with a screen shot from MLS, illustrating (in their mind) what’s happening in their local Real Estate Market.  They are also copy and pasting the MLS description they wrote and pasting it on their Single Property Websites.

MLS only gives you a a few spaces for a description, and the other Real Estate Agents reading MLS understand 3BR 2.5BA – but that means NOTHING to the Google-bots!  Take the time to use REAL spelling in your description on the property!

“It’s Not Sunny and 72 Degrees Everywhere – Real Estate Is Local”

I totally agree with the need for agents to publish  Hyper Local Real Estate Information!  But just publishing a chart in .jpg or .png format, with a graph indicating something you think is important is NOT going to help you get the information seen by Search Engines (SEO)!  The thing to remember is that search engines cannot “read” the words and numbers on images.  They can only read the descriptions, titles and tags that you give your images.

  • Naming your image as 234908890.jpg is not nearly as good as “Distressed_Houses_Plano_Oct_2011.”
  • Images should always have the ALT and TITLE filled In – scroll over the image below to see why.

Download a Free ebook on Real Estate LeadsThe same concept applies to LINKS.  When you are linking to relevant anchor text, a little box pops up – do you make certain you have the Title complete?  Are you opening the link on a separate page that takes them away from your site?

Give Readers Directions!  Let Them Know Where You Are Leading Them!Filling in the Title is especially helpful if you are directing someone to complete a form, or asking them if they want to receive more information on your real estate market.

I was recently reminded that “Home Finder” means different things to different agents!  For some, it’s a service provided by their MLS.  A potential buyer indicates an interest, and you set them up to receive updates based upon their requirements.

For others… “Home Finder” means you are directing the potential home buyer to a spot on your website to search for homes!

Google-bots (and the other search engine spiders) don’t know the difference either! To get the most out of your Real Estate Blogging efforts, remember to complete each Title, each Alternate Text and no more than 120 words for a Description that is “readable” for images and links.  Give Clear Directions.

One More Tip!

If you live in an area that is regularly miss spelled, like Raleigh (that i before e thing) or your NAME is regularly miss spelled – you can sneak those miss spellings into the Title and Alt Text info.  Will someone who scrolls over it see that miss spelled word – yes, but it’s not offensive, and it will help you show up when someone puts the miss spelled word into the “Google Bar!”

If you have questions about creating leads from your real estate blog, or how to get your Listing seen by more eyeballs – contact me.  I’d love to help you and learn more about what’s working in your market! Are you on Facebook and Twitter?  Let’s Connect!

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Google-bots Do Not Speak Real Estate
Here's some great information for anyone who uses the internet for marketing their products. These tips are not strictly for real estate, but I do see a lot of agents making the mistakes that Joshua points out in this very helpful, well written, and… more