Quinte, On. real estate agent: No, I Did Not Order This Weather.

No, I Did Not Order This Weather.


As everybody in Ontario and beyond knows, today's snowfall is pretty big. We all knew it was coming, and most people prepared for it.  We had lots of warning.

I had the pleasure of shovelling out my driveway this morning knowing that I'll probably be doing it again....and again. Really it's not such a big deal, it's not a large driveway, and the excersize is supposed to be good for me. It's only a few degrees below zero, so it's not a terribly uncomfortable chore.

My car is also pretty set for these conditions, I have good tires and am a fairly good driver, so if I stick to the main roads I should be alright. Days like today are really not the big ordeal that some people make them out to be (unless your roof caves in, then compain away, you have my sympathies).

What I don't like though, is the question that will be asked to me about 10 times a day on days like today. "Did you order this weather?" or some variation thereof (you could substitute the word snow for weather).

Why do so many people ask the same silly question? Of course I didn't order this weather. If I did have some sort of control over the weather we wouldn't really have much of a winter at all. Life would be fine in Southern Ontario. Geez Louis, enough with the silly cliches. Nobody really has control of the weather.

I realise that this phrase is some sort of rhetorical question that is supposed to grease the wheels of human interaction and make our exchanges with one another a little more palatable, but for heaven's sake, put a little thought behind it. Think of some new phrases that we can bore one another with. I suppose rhetorical questions can be answered with rhetoric, so I could come up with some snappy rhetorical replies to the question "did you order this weather?", but it would be so much more fun if the ladies at Tim Horton,s or the guys at the garage came up with something original of their own. I'd even be happy if once in a while some of the forgotten oldies were resurrected such as "It's cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey" or "By gum she be nippy out" (I just made that last one up).

Anyhoooo, the weather is bad enough outside, so lets warm each other up with some zingy new phrases that have a little bit of thought behind them. It might put a smile on someone's face. I'm going to think of a few when I'm out shovelling the drive and wiping the snotsicles from my nose. 


Comment balloon 13 commentsMalcolm Johnston • February 02 2011 02:02PM


Here is the D\FW metroplex in Texas, This weather has crushed everything. Temps close to single digits and ice, snow, aleet and everything else that can ruin getting to work, the store . It hasnt been this bad in a long time or as long as i can remember.  It isnt leaving anytime soon either. This global warming baloney was innemted by something that isnt to smart !

Posted by Tim Riddle, SFR,TAHS, Azle ,Fort Worth Real Estate (Tim Riddle Broker Associate,Marsha Hardin Real Estate) over 8 years ago

Malcolm - I remember those days of shoveling and snotcicles back in my Chicago years...Stay warm and take heart--the weather always changes.

Posted by Norma Toering Broker for Palos Verdes and Beach Cities, Palos Verdes Luxury Homes in L.A. (Charlemagne International Properties) over 8 years ago

Malcolm, you've definitely been out there shovelling too long LOL. My husband just went out to clear the bottom of the driveway. The plough finally did our street.

Posted by Janice Ankrett, Staging Professional (Janice Ankrett Home Staging) over 8 years ago


Maybe it's just the two of us. someone asked me the same question. yesterday.

Well, I'm glad that you shut down the second half of that storm.


Posted by Brian Madigan, LL.B., Broker (RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (Toronto)) over 8 years ago

Tim, everybody is getting winter this year, even you Texans. Global warming, I'll stay out of that debate.

Norma, it sure sounds like you're a lot happier with the weather now that you're out of the Windy City.

Janice, yes, I have been shovelling a bit. It gives me time for quiet reflection mixed in with dark thoughts.

John, you're right, overall there hasn't been that much snow, and it probably was the size of the storm that had everybody on edge.

Brian, next time I get asked, I'll have a zingy reply on the ready. And yes, I did make sure that we didn't get the second half of the blizzard. 24 hours was enough, and all of Ontario was tired already.

Posted by Malcolm Johnston, Trenton Real Estate (Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate LTD., Trenton, Ontario) over 8 years ago

Malcolm, I am not going to enter the debate over the topics and manner of small talk of some people...

I just love a great big snowstorm... something that forces you to stay in for days... my wife and I would have a pot of chai simmering and play board games... of course, that was before Alec.  I think you were hit a little harder than us this time, although it seems we got what was forecasted for Toronto...

Posted by Chris Smith, South Simcoe, Caledon, King, Orangeville Real Esta (Re/Max Chay Realty Inc., Brokerage) over 8 years ago



It's good to see that you are finally taking some responsibility here.



Posted by Brian Madigan, LL.B., Broker (RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (Toronto)) over 8 years ago

Malcolm, Only Polar Bears would order snow like that. I have never experienced snow other than playing in it when I was a child. As a native California-Girl … I hope I never do experience snow like that!

Posted by Kathleen Daniels, San Jose Homes for Sale-Probate & Trust Specialist (KD Realty - 408.972.1822) over 8 years ago

Malcolm. Sounds like you need a "Snow break". No wonder half of Canada heads to Florida in the Winter.

Posted by Ellie McIntire, Luxury service in Howard County & Catonsville (Ellicott City Clarksville Howard County Maryland Real Estate) over 8 years ago

Chris, the tea and boardgames part sounds nice, it's the shovelling and waiting for the snow plough to make me have to re-shovel that isn't so nice. I have a corner lot, so the end of my driveway seems to have a larger mound of snow than most.

Brian, yes, it took a while, but I'm beginning to take responsibility for things.

Kathleen, a few days of snow can be quite nice, but not weeks on end.

Ellie, you're right, a snow break would be nice, and that is why Florida's population just about doubles in the winter.

Posted by Malcolm Johnston, Trenton Real Estate (Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate LTD., Trenton, Ontario) over 8 years ago

Just stopping by to invite you to the 2nd Annual ActiveRain Super Bowl Party. Hope you’ll come and bring some friends!

Posted by Not a real person over 8 years ago

There are few places that are being challenged more by the snow than here in Boston.  Your pictures show the realities of life in the North.  No wonder your Dad has a home in St Martin's.

Posted by Larry Lawfer, "I listen for a living." It's all about you. (YourStories Realty Group powered by Castles UnlimitedĀ®) over 8 years ago

Malcolm- I hope by now your weather is better and that some of your friends have come up with some new and different "greeting" phrases.

Posted by Kathy Streib, Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224 (Room Service Home Staging) over 8 years ago